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How to Report Changes and Online Re-certification Forms

To report any changes, increase or decrease, you must complete an interim change form that is available online by clicking here.

For your convenience, your case manager is available to assist you with completing your interim change declaration over the phone.  Click here for the BHA staff directory.

You may also obtain and complete the interim change form at the entrance of the BHA main office.  Changes to income and/or family composition must be reported in writing within fourteen calendar days of the occurrence.  If you experience a loss of income or begin working, an interim change form must be completed within fourteen calendar days from the hire date.

If you need to complete and submit your annual renewal/re-certification forms electronically, you may access the form by clicking here.  Once completed, you may save the document to your computer, tablet, or smartphone and then email the document to your case manager.  Click here for the BHA staff email directory.  If you are completing the form using your smartphone, it is recommended that you use the Adobe Fill and Sign app available for free from the Google Play Store and/or Apple App Store.

Additional Resources

Have an upcoming inspection? Need assistance with preparing for that inspection? Below are some tools to help get your unit ready! If you need assistance, contact the Administrative Director, Leon Gordon, at (812) 339-3491 ext. 115 for more information!

Housekeeping Policy

Inspection Prep Task List

Example Inspection Prep Calendar

Inspection Prep Calendar (Fillable)

How Often Should you Clean List

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Green Cleaning Recipes

Click here for information on the Step Up Program.

Emergency Response

The Bloomington Housing Authority’s goal is to provide local residents with vital information for disaster preparedness. Being prepared can reduce fear, anxiety, and physical and material losses that accompany disasters. Residents should be ready to evacuate their homes and take refuge in public shelters and know how to care for their basic medical needs. We strongly encourage our residents to be informed, make a plan, and prepare a disaster kit before a disaster strikes in Monroe County.


RAD Housing

How long can I stay in RAD housing?

In general, you may stay in RAD housing as long as you comply with the lease.

If, at reexamination your family’s income is sufficient to obtain housing on the private market, the BHA may determine whether your family should stay in public housing. You will not be required to move unless there is affordable housing available for you on the private market.

How do I request repairs?

You may request a work order at any time by calling 339-3491 Ex. 121.

What is an emergency work order?

Examples of emergency work orders are: Broken pipes, refrigerator not working, furnace not working in the winter, or any health or safety situations.

When will my repairs be done?

Emergency work orders will be completed within 24 hours; Regular work orders will be completed in the order that they were received.

Will I be charged for repairs?

Tenant will only be charged if damages are due to resident neglect or abuse.

What do I do about my trash?

BHA provides dumpsters close to all housing units at no additional charge. However, any garbage or debris found in your yard or on your porch / patio must be removed by the tenant, or the BHA will remove the items and the tenant will be charged a fee. See Maintenance Policy under forms for more information.

Can I open my windows or doors?

Yes, but certain rules apply. If the furnace or air conditioner is on all windows and doors must be closed.

Can I have a pet?

See the Pet Policy. For additional questions, contact the Property Manager at 339-3791 ext. 112.

What is a reasonable accommodation?

A change in a landlord’s rules, policies, practices, or services that is needed to afford a person with a disability an equal opportunity to use and enjoy an apartment. If you need a reasonable accommodation please contact your Property Manager.

Can I have a garden?

See the Yard Policy. For additional questions, contact the Property Manager at 339-3791 ext. 112.

Can I add someone to my lease?

Yes. You must complete an addition to lease form as well as a change form. You may obtain copies at the Housing Authority or contact your Property Manager. If the person you are adding to your lease is over 18, you must make an appointment. You will need to provide copies of the person’s social security card and birth certificate. Once the appropriate forms are received, the housing authority will conduct criminal background check and landlord screenings. As a reminder it is a violation of your lease to allow someone who is not on your lease to live with you.

May I have visitors?

Yes. You may have visitors as long as those visitors do not stay more than 14 days. You may get permission from the property manager to extend that time, put only under special circumstances. Your lease has further information regarding this issue. If you need further information about visitors please contact the Property Manager.

Why am I being charged for cleaning my yard?

To maintain the complex in a decent and enjoyable environment the grounds are picked up on a daily basis. If you have violated the yard policy and unapproved items are in your yard /porch you will be accessed a fee for the clean-up of those items. It is necessary to charge residents who violate this policy in order to maintain our complex in an enjoyable environment.

What if I cannot pay my rent?

Rent payments are due by the 5th of every month. If you are not able to pay your rent you may contact community agencies that may be able to assist you. However, if your rent is not kept current, the Housing Authority is required to collect your rent and if it is not paid an eviction may be filed. If you have questions about your rent payments please contact your Property Manager.

Reporting Fraud

Anyone wanting to file a complaint or report fraud of the Public Housing program should fill out this form and return to the BHA.