Summit Hill Community Development Corporation (SHCDC) is a wholly controlled 501(c)(3) instrumentality of the Bloomington Housing Authority, with its commissioners also serving as its board of directors. 

SHCDC’s mission is to provide housing as a foundation to advance resident opportunity and improve lives.

As a local non-profit affordable housing developer, SHCDC brings capacity and experience securing mixed-source financing to support the development, rehabilitation and operation of public and affordable housing within our community— helping meet a much needed goal of the City of Bloomington’s 2020 housing study.

The broad goals of SHCDC include:

  • Provide specialized property and tenant management services to other affordable housing providers in the community.
  • Own, manage, and preserve high quality, affordable housing within Bloomington Housing Authority control.
  • Expand the community’s access to affordable housing over time as a hub for resources, policy advocate, and/or property developer.

Our Board of Directors

  • Elaine Amerson, Chair of the Board
  • Kevin Cade, Vice-Chair of the Board
  • Susan P. Wanzer, Commissioner
  • Sherry Clay, Commissioner
  • Mary Morgan, Commissioner

Our Projects

The Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Program

The RAD Program was created in 2012 to “give public housing authorities a powerful tool to preserve and improve public housing properties,” and aims to  increase access to capital improvement funds, renovate properties, and preserve affordability for the community.

BHA began transitioning two communities, Walnut Woods and Reverend E. D. Butler, into RAD units from public housing in 2018 with the deal closing in May 2020. (SHCDC serves as the general partner under Bloomington RAD I, LP.) BHA plans to also convert Crestmont through the RAD program in 2020-2021.

Summit Hill Childcare Development Project

The Summit Hill Childcare Development aims to provide opportunities for high-quality childcare in northwest Bloomington, prioritizing the children living in subsidized housing. The project intends to construct and operate a Crestmont neighborhood facility, at the corner of 14th and Monroe Street, which will host an Early Head Start Program serving 16 infants and toddlers.

Partner with Summit Hill Community Development Corporation

Contact Kate Gazunis, Executive Director

  • Email: kgazunis@blha.net
  • Phone: (812) 339-3491 x124