Need Housing Assistance?

The Bloomington Housing Authority (BHA) processes hundreds of new applications every year. There are more applicants than there are available housing units or vouchers– so the waiting lists can be very long. It is difficult to predict the time between applying and receiving a housing offer. The waiting period can depend on many things including current housing situation and preferences. Based on these considerations, some applicants may get a housing offer earlier than others.

The BHA does not provide immediate housing nor does it provide short-term or shelter housing.

Please click on the button below to view waitlist openings and begin the housing application process.

Bloomington Housing Forward: Strategic Direction 2018-2030

The Bloomington Housing Authority (BHA) leadership and  Board of Commissioners is proud to present its Bloomington Housing Forward: Strategic Direction 2018-2030 Plan. After 50 years, BHA remains committed to the services we have always provided — housing opportunities and support for our neighbors in need.  We believe:

  • Everyone deserves safe, affordable housing free from discrimination;
  • Supportive services are critical to resident success and opportunity;
  • Such housing and services:
    • Prevent homelessness,
    • Lay a foundation for economic self-sustainability, and
    • Provide an appropriate long-term solution for key populations; and
  • The future of affordable housing is integral to the future of the community overall.

We do housing but believe that creating “home” – more than housing – is fundamental to individual, family, and community well-being.

Now, we are more committed than ever to serving the citizens of Monroe County by advancing housing access, improving community outcomes and leading with excellence. To view our current Strategic Direction 2018-2030 Plan, click the button below.

Our Mission

We strengthen opportunity— beginning but not ending with housing.

Come visit us at 1007 N. Summit Street, Bloomington, Indiana 47404 or connect with us on Facebook.

Rental Assistance Demonstration Program (RAD)

Public housing is a key part of affordable housing programs throughout the United States. However, public housing units across the country have been underfunded by Congress for many years. As a result, necessary maintenance and repairs for public housing units have been perpetually delayed. In fact, public housing units across the country need more than $30 billion in repairs. Because of this, an average of 10,000 public housing units are lost per year, primarily due to disrepair and unsafe housing conditions.

In response to these serious needs, Congress enacted the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) in 2012 to preserve and improve public housing buildings. RAD is the voluntary, permanent conversion of public housing to the Section 8 housing program. Unlike the public housing program, the Section 8 housing program allows for more funding flexibility, including the use of other funding sources like tax credits in addition to public funds, to maintain and improve existing public housing buildings. RAD also guarantees strong tenant protections that tenants had under the public housing program.