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How Do I Become a Landlord?

Schedule Landlord Orientation Briefing

Learn an owner’s rights and responsibilities under this federally regulated program before you become an HCV Landlord by registering for a BHA Landlord Orientation.  Please contact Daniel Harmon at to register.

Submit Direct Deposit Form, W9, and Proof of Ownership

Access forms here.

Advertise Your Property

Among other advertisements, you can list your available units free of charge at

Select Voucher Holder for Tenancy

Screen potential assisted residents as you would a potential unassisted resident.

Complete Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) form

  • You will request the RTA from the voucher holder you have selected for tenancy
  • Once completed, the RTA should be sent to the BHA Inspector
  • BHA will review the RTA and conduct a rent reasonableness assessment to ensure that the rent the owner is requesting does not exceed rents for similar, unassisted units
  • BHA will also review the RTA to ensure affordability for the proposed tenancy.  If the tenant’s portion of rent will exceed 40 percent of their monthly income, BHA will notify the owner of the maximum rate BHA can approve
  • The resident-paid utilities and the owner-paid utilities as submitted on the RTA must exactly match the information listed in the owner’s Residential Lease Agreement. Any discrepancies on your lease will delay the HAP payment.

HQS Inspection

Once BHA has verified rent reasonableness and affordability, the inspection will be scheduled. The rental unit should at least meet minimum basic Housing Quality Standards (HQS) and be ready for occupancy. Click here for a pre-inspection checklist.

Sign HAP Contract and Lease Agreement

Once the unit passes inspection, BHA will send the owner a HAP Contract and Tenancy Addendum to be signed by the owner and family. Once BHA receives a copy of the Lease Agreement, the HAP Contract and Tenancy Addendum, payments will be released to the owner on BHA’s next regularly scheduled check run.

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