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Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS)

The FSS Program is an employment focused, goals oriented program that enables HUD-assisted households to increase their earned income and reduce their dependency on welfare assistance and rental subsidies. Some of the services coordinated through the program include:

  • Child care
  • Transportation
  • Education and job training
  • Employment counseling
  • Financial literacy
  • Homeownership counseling

As earnings increase, the BHA establishes an interest-bearing escrow (savings) account for each participating household. The FSS escrow account is a savings account that the BHA or maintains on behalf of the FSS participant. Participants build savings in an escrow account as their earned income increases. The participant can access the funds in the account while participating in the program to help meet goals the participant is working on. Upon completion of the program, the participant receives the funds in the account.

Families receiving assistance from the BHA should discuss participation in the FSS program by contacting: Elizabeth Hacker at or Brittney Willis at

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