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Seeking Comment on Public Housing Relocation Policy



The Bloomington Housing Authority (BHA) intends to revise the Relocation Policy beginning January 18, 2018.


A 30-Day Comment Period for the Revised Relocation Policy will begin on November 21, 2017 and will be open until December 21, 2017.


The BHA Board of Commissioners will be asked to vote on this policy following commentary at the January 18, 2018 Board of Commissioners meeting.


Please submit written comments by December 21, 2017 to:

Bloomington Housing Authority

Attention to: Revised Relocation Policy Commentary

1007 N. Summit St.

Bloomington, IN  47404


For any questions, please contact the Bloomington Housing Authority at 812-339-3491 and ask to speak Rhonda Moore, Capital Assets Manager. For copies of the policy, please visit the BHA Administrative office at 1007 N. Summit St., Bloomington, IN  47404 or visit our website at or continue to read below:




Bloomington Housing Authority

Relocation Policy


Effective: Resolution #

Last revised: November 21, 2017




This Policy Revision was approved by the Bloomington Housing Authority Board of Commissioners January 18, 2018.

This Relocation Policy complies with the Uniform Relocation Act and 49 CFR Part 24.

The BHA shall adhere to the following code of conduct, consistent with applicable State, Federal and local laws and regulations.


General Provisions:


  1. Purpose:

The purpose of this Relocation Policy is to:

  • Provide for fair and equal treatment of all persons being relocated by the BHA;
  • assure that residents are aware of advisory services;
  • assure that residents are relocated efficiently and effectively;
  • assure that residents are relocated to a safe, descent, and sanitary unit;
  • provide safeguards for maintaining a uniform relocation system of quality and integrity;
  • assure that BHA is in full compliance with applicable Federal standards, HUD regulations, and State and local laws.



This Statement of Relocation Policy applies to all residents being relocated by the BHA on or after the effective date of this Policy.

Any resident displaced from a dwelling is entitled to his or her actual moving and related expenses, as the BHA determines to be reasonable and necessary.


Public Access to Policy Information:

This Statement of Relocation Policy shall be a matter of public record. Members of the general public may review this policy by contacting the Bloomington Housing Authority during normal business hours.

  1. Procedure


During the early stages of planning the BHA shall plan projects in such a manner that recognizes the problems associated with the relocation of individuals and families and develop solutions to minimize any adverse impacts. Such planning shall precede any action taken by the BHA which would cause displacement and should be scoped to the complexity and nature of the anticipated relocation activity including an evaluation of program resources available to carry out timely and orderly relocations. Planning may involve a relocation survey or study, which may include the following:


  • The number of households to be relocated, including information such as owner/tenant status, family characteristics, and special consideration of the impacts on minorities, elderly, large families, and persons with disabilities when applicable.
  • An estimated number of comparable replacement dwellings in the area that are expected to be available to fulfill the needs of those households.
  • Consideration, and appointment, of any special relocation advisory services that may be necessary, such as assistance in planning the move and scheduling relocation of utilities.



  • Conduct a relocation meeting for all residents who may be relocated.
  • Conduct personal interviews of all residents who may be relocated as requested or as necessary.


  1. Manner of Notices:

            General Notification Requirements:

  • Each notice which the BHA is required to provide to an occupant will be personally served or delivered by certified mail, and;
  • All Residents will be provided a general information notice which states the reason for displacement, and;
  • All resident notices will inform residents of the contact person’s name and phone number, for reasonable relocation advisory services, and;
  • The BHA will provide a ninety (90) day notice to inform residents they will be relocated, and;
  • The BHA will provide a thirty (30) day notice of the date of relocation;
  • Notification will inform illegal residents they are not eligible for relocation, unless ineligibility would result in exceptional and extremely unusual hardship to a qualifying spouse, parent, or child, as defined in 49CFR 24.208(h); and
  • Describes the displaced person’s right to appeal the BHA’s determination as to a person’s application for assistance for which a person may be eligible under this part; and
  • The BHA shall promptly review appeals in accordance with the requirements of 49 CFR 24.10 and the BHA Grievance Procedure.


            Urgent Need:

  • In unusual circumstances, and occupant may be required to vacate the property on less than 90 days written notice if the displacing Agency (BHA) determines that a 90 day notice is impracticable, such as when the person’s continued occupancy of the property would constitute a substantial danger to health or safety, or the structure is at risk of further damage. A copy of the BHA determination shall be included in the case file.


  1. Moving Policy and Terms:


  • Residents will receive written notice of unit availability.
  • The BHA will make available to the displaced person, as soon as feasible, at least one comparable replacement dwelling.
  • The BHA shall provide transportation to inspect the replacement unit.
  • The BHA will pay all actual moving and utility costs incurred in connection with the temporary relocation of residents.
  • The BHA will hire a moving company to move resident to new location, and back if applicable.
  • Residents will be notified of the specific date the movers will relocate them.
  • Residents will be given fourteen (14) days rent on the newly leased Public Housing unit, in order to move prior to start of new unit rent payment.
  • Residents must remove all belongings, and leave unit broom clean, as well as clean the range, refrigerator and toilets when moving out.
  • Residents will be charged, per the Maintenance Policy, if items must be removed, or cleaning done, by the BHA upon move out.
  • If a resident feels they are unable to pack they may make a request for a reasonable accommodation.


  1. Payments:

Resident Allowance:

  • The Residents are entitled to a moving expense and dislocation allowance of fifty dollars ($50.00). Cleaning or late moving fees will be deducted from this allowance. Fees exceeding this amount will be billed to the tenants account.
  • No payment will be issued if movers must be rescheduled due to tenant negligence or if tenant exceeds the moving allowance for their unit size as listed below.



Moving Charges:

The BHA will pay reasonable commercial moving expenses.

  • Tenant must be packed and ready for the movers on the scheduled date, and at the scheduled time.
  • If tenant is not ready for movers and they must be rescheduled, require additional trip(s), or if moving takes more than one eight (8) hour work day, the BHA reserves the right to charge the tenant for additional charges incurred.
  • Reasonable commercial moving expenses are as follows:
    • 0-1 bedroom unit expenses may not exceed $600
    • 2 bedroom unit expenses may not exceed $700
    • 3 bedroom unit expenses may not exceed $800
    • 4 bedroom unit expenses may not exceed $900
    • 5 bedroom unit expenses may not exceed $1,000



Payment of Utility Reconnections:                                                             

Residents who have telephone and/or cable television prior to the thirty (30) day notice of relocation will be entitled to payment of any disconnection and/or reconnection fees associated with the relocation.

The following process applies to payment of these fees:

  • The resident shall submit the bill reflecting the disconnection and/or reconnection fee within three (3) days of receipt; and, the BHA shall submit prompt payment to the utility company prior to the due date.
  • The BHA shall keep record of the date of the relocation notification, actual date of relocation, date bills submitted, and the date the disconnection and/or reconnection fee we paid.
  • BHA will not pay refundable security or utility deposits.
  • If the BHA disapproves all or part of a payment claimed or refuses to consider the claim on its merits because of untimely filing or other grounds, it shall promptly notify the claimant in writing of its determination, the basis for its determination, and the procedures for appealing that determination.


  1. Ethics:

The BHA shall abide by the following ethics:


  • The BHA shall retain all records for a period of three (3) years beginning the day of relocation.
  • The BHA shall not propose or request that a displaced person waive his or her rights or entitlements to relocation assistance and benefits provided by the Uniform Relocation Act.
  • Residents determined to be ineligible because of a failure to be legally present in the United States, (illegal aliens), will not be eligible for relocation.
  • The BHA will apply the same standards to all residents being relocated, except that such standards may be revised periodically.
  • No relocation related payments are to be considered income for the purpose of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, or the Social Security Act, or any other Federal Code or Federal law providing low-income assistance.





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