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The No Cash Policy: New Rule for Cash Payment Starting October 1st, 2015

On October 1st, 2015, the Bloomington Housing Authority (BHA) will no longer be accepting cash payment for any rent, bill, repayment agreement, deposit, or charge. These fees can be paid for by check, cashier’s check, or money order.

This rule is being introduced to protect you and the BHA. This policy will also reduce confusion about the amount paid and the amount the BHA records.

Prior to October 1st, information about this policy and places where people can purchase money orders or access bank services is available in the following links: Bank Services Chart, Money Order Locations, Crestmont Nearby Banks and Money Order Locations, Walnut Woods Nearby Banks and Money Order Locations. Flyers will be posted in the kiosk outside of the community building and in the BHA lobby.

On September 17th, 2015 from 3-7 P.M., the eBus sponsored by Fifth Third Bank will be at the BHA and will provide all residents with access to financial education. Everyone is invited to come learn more about financial empowerment. In addition, information will be available at this event about the No Cash policy. The BHA will take every step possible to ensure that you understand the No Cash Rule and what you need to do.

The following is a list of places near either the Crestmont/Reverend Butler community or the Walnut Woods community where money orders can be purchased.

Crestmont/Reverend Butler Community:

Our Way, 1122 W 11th, Money Order fee-$1.25

Circle K, 201 W 17th St., At College and 17th, 812-331-1823, Money Order fee-$1.49

Marathon, 401 W. 17th St., At 17th and Madison, 812-333-1009, Money Order fee-$0.89

CVS, 1000 N. College, At College and 15th, 812-339-2233, Money Order fee-$0.99

Walnut Woods:

CVS, 2650 S. Walnut, Just South of Walnut and Winslow, 812-336-6223, Money Order fee-$0.99

Sunoco, 1602 S. Walnut, Just South of Walnut and Hillside, 812-333-7937, Money Order fee-$1.99

Village Pantry, 275 E. Winslow Rd., At Henderson and Winslow, 812-332-6393, Money Order fee-$0.79

Other Places:

5/3 Bank, 200 S. Washington, 812-339-1131, Money Order fee-$1.25

Walmart, 3313 W State Rd. 45, 812-337-0002, Money Order fee-$0.70, Bill Pay Order fee $1.00 to $4.00

The following is a list of banks in Bloomington offering easy to obtain or less costly to maintain bank accounts. Many of these banks also offer accounts to people with bad or no histories. Each bank’s definition of bad history is different. Some of these banks offer special accounts or perks for elderly or veteran patrons. The following may not include all of the information about an account. If you have any questions or are interested in opening one of the accounts below, call or visit the bank offering that account to find out more.

People’s State Bank:

Free Checking: $50 opening deposit, No minimum balance and no monthly fee, First book of checks

Senior Prestige Account: For people 50+, $50 opening deposit, No minimum balance and no monthly fee, Checks are free, One Cashier’s Check and one Money Order purchase a month free.

Rebound Checking Account: For those with bad histories, opening minimum deposit $50, $8 monthly fee, Minimum balance of $100 otherwise $1 fee.

Fifth/Third (5/3):

E-access: No monthly fee with Direct Deposits totaling $500 a month, fee for check writing or paper statements

Essential: No monthly fees with monthly average minimum balance of $1500 or Direct Deposits totaling $500 a month if deposits are from an employer or the U.S. military.

Basic 53: For those with bad history, $11 monthly service fee, no minimum balance

Old National:

Everyday Checking: $50 minimum to open, no monthly fees with either direct deposits totaling $500 in a month or a daily minimum balance of $750, $3 monthly fee for paper statements

New Start: for those with a bad history, no debit card, checks and ATM card, $8 monthly service fee, Online Bill Pay costs $6.95

IU Credit Union:

Membership Savings Account: $5 minimum balance, no monthly fee, can purchase money orders

Free Checking: No minimum balance, no minimum deposit to open, no minimum fees, no monthly fee, get 125 checks for free

Silver Service: for those receiving retirement or social security payments through direct deposit, money orders and checks are free

Bank on Bloomington Checking Account: $50 minimum initial deposit, $10 Monthly service fee


Chase Total Checking: $25 minimum deposit to open, $12 monthly service fee unless you have Direct Deposits totaling $500 a month

Military Banking: No monthly service fee with Qualifying Military ID

Banks near Crestmont/Reverend Butler Community

People’s State Bank, 202 W. 17th St., At 17th and College, 812-332-9228,

IU Credit Union, 510 E. 17th St., At Indiana and 17th, 812-855-7823

Banks near Walnut Woods Community

People’s State Bank, 301 E. Winslow Rd., At Henderson and Winslow, 812-333-2179

IU Credit Union, 105 E. Winslow Rd., At Walnut and Winslow, 812-855-7823

Chase, 2600 S. Walnut St., At Walnut and Winslow, 812-331-4430

No cash will be accepted beginning on October 1, 2015. Be sure to take the necessary steps to prepare yourself for this transition. If you have any questions about the No Cash Policy, contact the front desk at 812-339-3491.

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