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Win a $100!


Each apartment that receives a perfect score with no recorded defects will be entered into a drawing for $100.00 cash! Three winners will be chosen!


A HUD inspector will inspect apartments in Butler and Walnut Woods later this year.  We haven’t gotten a date from the inspector yet, but estimate the inspection to be conducted sometime in October. The inspector will inspect only a sample of apartments, but we don’t know which ones that will be until he gets here.


Alan Goodroad, the public housing inspector, will be entering your apartment this July or August to check for needed repairs. If you are not home, a note will be left to notify you that he was there. He will not be concerned with housekeeping but will be focusing on needed repairs to pass our inspection.


Here are some hints to help you pass the inspection. Please call the office to report any repair items you may find:


  • The area around your apartment is called the site and the site has become the most important part of the inspection. So please pick up your trash, cigarette butts, glass, etc.


  • The building exterior is also important. Please review the exterior of your building for any holes or gaps that need to be caulked and report them to the office ASAP. Sewer caps in your yard must have undamaged lids on them.


  • Do not store anything in your water heater or furnace closets!!!!


  • Do not store any flammable materials such as gasoline, diesel fuel, propane, gas cans etc. in your apartment or shed!


  • Mold must be removed from everything in the bathroom, walls, window, ceiling, and kitchen. If you find mold please call the office and report the issue immediately.


  • Do not block windows and doors. Each room must have two unobstructed exits (one window and door). If the windows and doors are blocked it is considered blocked egress and is recorded as a “life-threatening” hazard.


  • Your stove and oven must work. When you turn on a burner it must come on instantly.  If it doesn’t, that means that you have something stopping up the burner, try to clean the area and if still does not work call the office and report the issue.


  • When your stove top vent hood is turned on it must work. Also, make sure the filter is clean and a light bulb is installed.
  • If you have just one roach or bedbug, dead or alive, it’s called infestation. You must contact the office immediately so that your apartment can be treated.


  • Smoke detectors will be checked. If your smoke detector is missing or not working, you must call and report it to the office so I may be repaired.


  • All of your lights must come on. If you have a burned out bulb, you must have it replaced.  If you need a bulb please contact the office we will supply bulbs for free.


  • Report dripping faucets or leaking drains NOW!!


  • Make sure your dryer is properly vented to the exterior dryer vent.


  • Doorknobs and locks should work. When you close the door, it should stay shut when you pull the doorknob.  Make sure the bathroom door lock works. Never reverse a locking doorknob so that a door can be locked from the outside a room. Hasp locks or padlocks must never be installed on any door. If you find any problems with your doors please call the office for a work order.


  • Doors and walls should not have peeling paint, holes in them or art drawn by your child.


  • A window should not have any cracked or broken glass. When you raise the window it should stay up. Locks on the windows must work.


  • Light switches and plugs must work. The cover plates must not be cracked or missing.


  • GFI plug- that’s the different looking plugs in your kitchens and bathrooms. Please push the “test” button and listen for the “pop” sound.  Then push the “reset” button to restore power.  If this does not function please call the office immediately.


Again if you find repairs that need to be made, please contact the office for a work order.


Your cooperation in this matter is really appreciated. None of us like these inspections, but it’s really important that we score high on the REAC inspection.


           AMNESTY DAY

               Wednesday, June 20th


The Bloomington Housing Authority is giving away maintenance supplies, “Free-B’s”, again this year. Bring your damaged items to the BHA garage on Wednesday, June 20th from 1:00 pm to 3:30pm. Supplies could be limited.


Items that can be exchanged:

  1. Window blinds
  2. Smoke alarm batteries or smoke alarms
  3. Fire extinguishers
  4. Light bulbs
  5. Sink/tub stoppers (no exchange necessary-just ask)
  6. Furnace filters


If you have special needs or accommodations and wish to participate in the program, please call 812-339-3491 ext. 121 by the close of business on June 18th to make arrangements. Please bring any items to the BHA garage for the exchange.



Mike Bolton

812-339-3491 ext. 121

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