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Bloomington Housing Authority


The BHA was established in 1961 and the first development of affordable housing units was completed in 1968. Currently, the BHA employs a staff of 30 employees and provides housing assistance to over 2,500 Monroe County households each year. The BHA operates three affordable housing communities and provides more than 1,300 Housing Choice Vouchers, also known as Section 8, that allow income eligible families to rent in the private market. Along with housing assistance, the BHA maintains active service coordination programs including the Family Self-Sufficiency Program and Step Up Program.



Open Positions

There are currently no open positions at the BHA.



Hiring Policies

BHA is an Equal Opportunity employer. Qualified applicants receive consideration for employment without regard to race, national origin, age, sex, religion, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, or any other basis protected by local, state or federal law. This policy applies to all aspects of employment, including hiring, transfer, promotion, compensation, eligibility for benefits and termination. To the greatest extent possible, it is the policy of the BHA to give preference in employment to Section 3 eligible individuals.



Section 3 Eligibility

Section 3 is a provision of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 that helps low-income residents gain the skills and jobs needed to become self-sufficient. The program also provides opportunities for qualified, low-income business owners to receive preference in bidding on HUD-funded contracts.

The purpose of Section 3 to ensure that employment and other economic opportunities generated by certain HUD financial assistance shall, to the greatest extent feasible, and consistent with existing Federal, State and local laws and regulations, be directed to low- and very low income persons, particularly those who are recipients of government assistance for housing, and to business concerns which provide economic opportunities to low- and very low-income persons.

If you live in BHA-assisted housing OR if your household income falls below HUD’s household income guidelines, you may qualify as a Section 3 Resident.

Board Information and Meetings

Board of Commissioners

Commissioners serve as the governing officers of a public-corporate entity, one that functions as a developer and landlord of local             low-income housing programs. Among their principal responsibilities are:

  • Providing leadership and advocating for public housing;
  • Setting policies governing the operations of the public housing authority and charting the direction of current and future programs;
  • Ensuring, through independent reviews and audits that the Bloomington Housing Authority operates within the law and according to HUD regulations, taking into consideration the economy and efficiency of operations;
  • Hiring a qualified Executive Director to manage the day to day operations;
  • Obtaining and managing monies to support the authority;
  • Adopting operating budgets; and
  • Establishing policies to prevent fraud, abuse, mismanagement and discrimination and to ensure that the BHA acts legally and with integrity in its daily operations.


All regular meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 8 a.m. in the Bloomington Housing Authority’s Community Room at 1007 N. Summit St. Bloomington, IN 47404. For cancellations or changes, please refer to Public Notices in the Herald Times the Monday prior to a scheduled meeting.


To provide decent, safe and sanitary housing to low-income families. Director of the Housing Authority reports to this Board with budgets, employee issues and modernization programs.


Four Years


Appointees may not be an officer or employee of the City; must be a resident of the area serviced (City + 5 miles); no more than four* members may be of the same political party.

(* changed to four in 2001)


$25 per meeting.

Current Commissioners

Appointee Appointed by: Expiration Date:
William Hosea, Chair The Mayor 1/31/25
Elaine Amerson, Vice Chair The Mayor 1/31/22
Lindsey A. Smith The Mayor 1/31/22
Sherry Clay The Mayor 1/31/24
Sue Wanzer The Mayor 1/31/23
Kevin Cade The Mayor 1/31/23
Dave Warren The Mayor 1/31/25


General Questions

How can I receive immediate housing?

The Bloomington Housing Authority does not provide immediate emergency housing. Call the Indiana 2-1-1 hotline or view the City’s Resource Directory to learn about emergency shelter options in the greater Bloomington community.

How can I get housing?

When a waitlist is open, interested applicant may apply. To check the status of program waitlists, click here.

How can residents access services that help families?

Residents can learn more about services and programs available by visiting the Resident Services webpage or by contacting the Step Up program coordinator, Tara Todd, at 812-339-3491 x 115 or ttodd@blha.net.

For a complete list of Frequently Asked Questions, click here.