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2020-2024 Annual and Five-Year Capital Fund Program Resident Comments

In preparation of the 2020-2024 Annual and Five-Year Capital Fund Program Plans the Bloomington Housing Authority (BHA) solicited the community for input concerning the plans. BHA conducted a Resident Advisory Board meeting on February 19, 2020, as well as a resident and general public meeting on March 3, 2020. The following comments were received. BHA is providing responses to these comments below. If you have questions you may contact Rhonda Moore, Capital Assets Manager at (812) 545-7053 ext. 135 or


Comment: The residents would like an orchard planted between 12th & 13th streets.

Response: BHA will take this under advisement and accommodate this request if possible. However, this location is not feasible due to utilities and overhead wiring that can be damaged by trees in this area.


Comment: There are lights out and residents would like additional lighting in the 1200-1300 block of 12th Street.

Response: Lighting upgrades have been included in this Five-Year. BHA will also express this concern to the company that will be conducting the Comprehensive Needs Assessment as part of the Crestmont RAD conversion plan. If the property inspector recognizes this as a need it will be prioritized as such and upgrades will be completed as funding allows.


Comment: Residents would like additional security cameras installed.

Response: Camera system upgrades are included in year 2020 of this plan.

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