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HAI Group Resident Scholarships

HAI Group: Deadline for Resident Scholarship is March 30th!

Resident Scholarship Program Details

Awards are $6,000 each and are issued only to your educational institution before the 2018 fall academic term. Therefore, a total of 12 scholarships will be awarded.

Scholarship payments are made directly to the college, university, or technical school by Housing Authority Insurance, Inc. and are deposited into an F.B.O. (For the Benefit Of) Account. However, scholarship award proceeds are to be used only for tuition, books, or school supplies.

Potential winners who have been selected will be asked to provide additional information. You will become a winning recipient only after that information is received. The check will be sent once Housing Authority Insurance; Inc has received the completed Proof of Enrollment Form and W-9 form for the recipient’s school for the 2018 fall academic term.

The selected candidate must expend all award proceeds during their chosen institution’s 2018 fall academic term. If there are any remaining award proceeds after the completion of the 2018 fall academic term, we reserve the right to withdraw those proceeds from the institution. Should you have questions or need more information, please e-mail us at

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