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Public Notice changes to the Yard Policy

November 18, 2013

Public Notice

The Bloomington Housing Authority is making available the Outdoor/Yard/Porch Policy for public review for the following 30 days. The Outdoor/Yard/Porch Policy can be reviewed online at the BHA website ( or at the Main Office lobby located at 1007 North Summit Street during normal business hours.

Comments must be made in writing and submitted to Janice Price, Property Manager , by November 15, 2015. Comments can be mailed to:

Bloomington Housing Authority

Attn: Janice Price

1007 North Summit Street

Bloomington, IN 47404


Or submitted via email to


Thank you.

Bloomington Housing Authority

Yard & Porch Policy


Many of our residents enjoy spending time outdoors. The BHA encourages residents to make use of outdoor living space such as the concrete pads and porches. Residents can help beautify our community while giving their units a homey look and feel. We want our residents to feel proud of where they live; the following guidelines are set in place to allow residents the freedom to make use of the outdoor spaces in a way that is fair to all residents living in Public Housing.


The following is a list of acceptable items to be placed on the porch (concrete) area. No items are to be left on the lawn due to accessibility for mowing.


  1. Furniture made for the purpose of outdoor living such as, lawn chairs, picnic tables, porch swings, gliders, benches, patio tables and chairs. All furnishings must fit within the concrete patio for your unit and the placement of furnishings must provide a clear path to and from all entrances and exits.
  2. Flower/vegetable plants are allowed as long as they are placed in pots. The limit of plants depends on the size of your concrete porch/patio. If you live in a unit with limited porch space we ask that you not exceed two plants in the front and two plants in the back. If you have a large patio you may have six plants in the back and two plants on the front. Remember plants must fit within the concrete area for your patio/porch. Placement of plants must provide a clear path to and from all entrances and exits.
  3. Lawn Ornaments are allowed. You may have up to four lawn ornaments per unit total. Acceptable lawn ornaments include; shepherd hooks, cigarette receptacle device (small), bird feeders, wind chimes and concrete ornaments (small). Tenants will not be permitted to hang ornaments from any part of BHA buildings. Tenants will ensure lawn ornaments will not be placed in the lawn at any time.
  4. Grills are acceptable as long as the following safety guidelines are followed
    1. Hot grills must be under adult supervision at all times
    2. Grills must not be left on sidewalks at anytime
    3. Grills must not be operated indoors, near any gas meter/lines
    4. Charcoal must be left in the grill until cool and then placed in a trash bag to be placed in the dumpster
    5. Due to fire code restrictions grills must not be operated within ten (10) feet of a combustible structure.
    6. Grills must fit with in the size constraints of your concrete porch/patio


Please keep in mind;


Items not on the list above are prohibited from your porch/patio/lawn. The Housing Authority has provided each unit with storage sheds for excess items for your convenience.


There is a yard clean up charge for any violation of this policy. (See the schedule of charges posted in the lobby and in the BHA Maintenance Policy) In order to avoid such charges, please;


Dispose of all trash in the dumpster. Do not leave trash on your porch or in your lawn area.


Store your bikes, toys or other excess items in the shed when not in use.


Dispose of cigarette butts properly, not in the lawn, parking lots or porches.


Follow this policy and ask questions if you don’t understand.


The BHA reserves the right to enforce the removal of excessive furnishings, plants and ornaments.



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