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Public Notice: No Cash Policy

October 19, 2015

Public Notice

The Bloomington Housing Authority is making available the No Cash Policy for public review for the following 30 days. The No Cash Policy can be reviewed online at the BHA website ( or at the Main Office lobby located at 1007 North Summit Street during normal business hours.

Comments must be made in writing and submitted to Janice Price, Property Manager, by November 15, 2015. Comments can be mailed to:

Bloomington Housing Authority
Attn: Janice Price
1007 North Summit Street
Bloomington, IN 47404

Or submitted via email to

Thank you.

No Cash Policy

The Housing Authority of the City of Bloomington, Indiana has adopted the following policy for all transactions:

  1. Payment may be made by personal check, cashier’s check, or money order. NO CASH will be accepted for any rent, bill, repayment agreement, deposit, or other charge.
  1. Anyone who attempts to make a transaction using cash will be denied and given a list of local institutions that offer money order services.
  1. If cash is left in the drop box the cash will not be applied to the tenant’s account but held in the safe for tenant pick-up. An office coordinator will reach out to the tenant by phone or the property manager will deliver a paper notice if necessary. If the payment is corrected within 48 hours of the due date, the BHA will waive the late fee (if one is incurred) the first time. After that, all late fees apply if an acceptable form of payment is not received by the applicable due date.


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