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Resident Advisory Board/Section 18 Resident Questions and Answers

BHA staff presented on Section 18 to the RAB on July 25, 2019. RAB members received a copy of the PowerPoint presentation and revised annual plan. RAB members did not submit any written questions, but did ask questions verbally that BHA staff addressed. These included:


Why can’t 1 bedroom units have dishwashers?

Renovation budget limitations limited our ability to install dishwashers in all units.


Will I need to relocate?

All units in Rev Butler and Walnut Woods will receive some type of renovation work, so residents will need to temporarily relocate. You will receive at least 90 day notice to relocate and will have a one-on-one housing counseling session with BHA staff to make the move as easy and stress-free as possible.


Can I paint my own unit?

If you decided to paint your unit, it must be repainted to its original state to avoid move-out charges.

Can we have a tall pantry cabinet in the kitchen?

Are renovated units getting a washer and dryer? What should I do with my current washer/dryer?

All renovated units will include an owner-issued washer and dryer. No resident-owned washer/dryers will be allowed in renovated units. You can discuss how to deal with your resident-owned washer/dryer during your housing counseling session to prepare for RAD temporary relocation.


Will we still have seasonal/excess utilities charges under RAD?

You will not be charged for the use of a washer dryer or AC.


What’s the voucher program called again (i.e., referring to Section 18 units)?

Vouchers to be tied to 25% of units as part of Section 18 are called Tenant Protection Vouchers (TPV).


Are you going to be demolishing any whole buildings?

No. All units will be renovated, not demolished.


Will some of the models that have been renovated in recent years require re-renovation (i.e., referring to recent renovations in Crestmont)?

BHA will begin addressing renovation issues in Crestmont in 2020.


When will the final annual plan be completed?

The significant amendment to the 2019 (FY2020) Annual Plan will be complete by the end of September 2019.


Will the outside scenery/landscaping be the same?

The landscaping will stay similar to existing.


How will lack of excess/seasonal utility charges impact my SNAP benefits?

SNAP benefit calculations are determined by the Family and Social Services Administration. BHA recommends contacting FSSA to estimate potential impacts.


With reconstruction/relocation, will we keep the waitlist open for housing?

BHA plans to keep waitlists open. This is subject to change.


Will be responsible for transfer costs for utilities (e.g., cable, phone, etc.) if we have to relocate?

No, the BHA will pay for utility transfer fees if you are relocated due to a RAD renovation.


If I relocate, will have to get a new mailing address/mailbox?

That will depend if your relocation is temporary or permanent. This issue will be discussed with you during your housing counseling appointment with BHA staff to prepare for relocation.


Clarifying question was asked about section 8 vouchers (i.e., access/process for receiving them).

One of the goals of RAD is to give you a greater choice in where to live. If your property converts through RAD, after a certain amount of time, you may request a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV). An HCV allows you to choose affordable housing in the private rental market, and the voucher stays with you when you move. This option in RAD is referred to as Choice Mobility. For PBV, you may request an HCV after living in a RAD property for one year. If your PHA does not have an HCV available at the time of your request, you will go on the waitlist to receive the next available HCV


Clarifying question was asked about what sorts of funding will be available when we are converted to RAD?

The project will be funded by Section 8 housing assistance payments for project based vouchers and tenant protection vouchers. Also tenant paid rents will be a source of income.


Will gas utility still be included (i.e., even though Vectren is taking ownership)?

Gas utilities will be paid by the project.


When will RAD conversion be made official for AMP2? AMP1?

BHA expects to receive final HUD approval (called RAD Conversion Commitment or RCC) on our around December 2019 for Amp 2. Amp 1 final approval is expected on or around December 2020.


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